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Change your focus!  We help you focus on both hiring as well as increasing 10-20 software engineers by 10-50%.  Improving productivity is the same as making 1 to 10 hires without the cost.  Allow us to help you get faster while the hiring struggle continues.

We train Teams for you

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Sit in live on our technical interview and see for yourself a productivity difference of new hires(some are 7x differences).  If you do not concentrate on hiring for productivity, you can lose 130k to as much as 780k per year.

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Consulting with Purpose

Why?  Because we want to 2x, 3x...10x productivity in engineering organizations.   We have been studying individual speed, team speed, and organizational speed for over 15 years.  You can hire many 10x developers and still shoot yourself in the foot with slow team speed if not done correctly.  How?  In today's market, it is tough to hire, should you hire 1 more engineer or hire someone to help you increase 10 people by 10-50%?   A 10% increase in team speed is worth one engineer.  A 50% increase is worth 5 new hires.

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Accurate Project Plans

Not only have a prediction but overlay the reality months later onto the predictions to create feedback.  Learn the correct processes so your projects are on-time 85-95% of the time.  Finally, have a bi-weekly KPI score for engineering

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He's been invaluable in leading us through the perilous stages of an early startup and successfully taken the engineer team from 3 to 20+ people. He's a visionary whose mind moves at 1000 mph; The guys written an entire server framework that is arguably better than other more mainstream frameworks (i.e. spring). He's an absolute savant, with more passion than anyone in software I've ever met.

Justin Dayer


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