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What's got your attention?

Being more connected to the world has really made my attention change during world events. Normally, I have a weakness of not being empathetic and honestly selfish. With age and travel, much has changed over the years. I just got back from the Ukraine in January and while starting a business has been my focus, I stay connected with many friends in bad situations over there. In fact, I have many videos and pictures of the before and after. One of those is this commercial made by a company based in the Ukraine after I gave a presentation in Kharkiv

This is super embarrassing as you see my eyes dart around to find the notepad being held up ;). I cringe when I watch this and then relax and laugh.

These days, I am giving this presentation for free on how to save 30k to 60k every major refactor in support of the Ukraine. If you are interested, please book an hour with 5+ engineers . The only ROI that I get is 60 seconds of the hour long presentation to encourage people to keep supporting and donating to the Ukraine. The rest is dedicated to you saving money. My instagram, my whatsapp, and my telegram are full of friends sending me information directly from there. Having that direct connection avoiding the media completely has much more of an affect on people.

If you are interested, here are of ton places I was at in the Ukraine from my Ukraine instagram story reel. These are all pre-war. The city I was in Kharkiv is now in ruins and is devastated.

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